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Account Class Reference

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Public Member Functions

void blockUpdatedSignal ()
 Delegates blockUpdatedSignal method to Shared object.
AccountShareddata () const
 Returns stored data object.
void ensureStored ()
 Delegates ensureStored method to Shared object.
bool isNull () const
 Check if object contains any data.
 operator AccountShared * () const
 Cast object to T * variable.
 operator bool () const
 Cast object to boolean variable.
 operator const QObject * () const
 Cast object to QObject * variable.
void remove ()
 Removes object completely.
void store ()
 Delegates store method to Shared object.
void unblockUpdatedSignal ()
 Delegates unblockUpdatedSignal method to Shared object.

Protected Member Functions

void setData (AccountShared *data)
 sets new data for object

Private Member Functions

 Account (AccountShared *data)
 Account (const Account &copy)
 Account (QObject *data)
void importProxySettings ()
Storage ProtocolHandler
KaduSharedBase_Property (bool, hasPassword, HasPassword) KaduSharedBase_PropertyCRW(QString
 KaduSharedBase_PropertyCRW (Identity, accountIdentity, AccountIdentity) KaduSharedBase_PropertyRead(QSharedPointer< StoragePoint >
Storage KaduSharedBase_PropertyCRW (QString, protocolName, ProtocolName) KaduSharedBase_Property(Protocol *
Storage ProtocolHandler
RememberPassword Password 
KaduSharedBase_PropertyCRW (AccountProxySettings, proxySettings, ProxySettings) KaduSharedBase_Property(bool
Storage ProtocolHandler
KaduSharedBase_PropertyCRW (QString, id, Id) KaduSharedBase_Property(bool
Storage ProtocolHandler KaduSharedBase_PropertyRead (AccountDetails *, details, Details) KaduSharedBase_PropertyRead(Contact
StatusContainerstatusContainer ()

Static Private Member Functions

static Account loadFromStorage (const QSharedPointer< StoragePoint > &accountStoragePoint)
static KaduSharedBaseClass(Account)
public Account 
loadStubFromStorage (const QSharedPointer< StoragePoint > &accountStoragePoint)

Private Attributes

Storage ProtocolHandler accountContact
Storage ProtocolHandler
Storage ProtocolHandler
RememberPassword Password 
Storage protocolHandler
Storage ProtocolHandler

Static Private Attributes

static Account null

Detailed Description

Definition at line 41 of file account.h.

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