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Core Class Reference

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Public Slots

void quit ()
void receivedSignal (const QString &signal)


void connected ()
void connecting ()
void disconnected ()
void mainIconChanged (const KaduIcon &)
void messageReceived (const Message &message)
void messageSent (const Message &message)
void searchingForTrayPosition (QPoint &)
void settingMainIconBlocked (bool &blocked)

Public Member Functions

void createGui ()
void initialized ()
bool isClosing ()
KaduWindowkaduWindow ()
Buddy myself ()
void setIcon (const KaduIcon &icon)
void setShowMainWindowOnStart (bool show)
void showMainWindow ()

Static Public Member Functions

static Coreinstance ()
static QString name ()
static QString nameWithVersion ()
static void notifyAll ()
static QString version ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void accountRegistered (Account account)
virtual void accountUnregistered (Account account)
virtual void configurationUpdated ()

Static Protected Attributes

static QList
< ConfigurationAwareObject * > 

Private Slots

void deleteOldConfigurationFiles ()
void kaduWindowDestroyed ()
void statusUpdated ()

Private Member Functions

virtual void accountAdded (Account account)
virtual void accountRemoved (Account account)
void createAllDefaultToolbars ()
void createDefaultConfiguration ()
void import_0_6_5_configuration ()
void init ()
void loadDefaultStatus ()
void storeConfiguration ()
void triggerAllAccountsAdded ()
void triggerAllAccountsRegistered ()
void triggerAllAccountsRemoved ()
void triggerAllAccountsUnregistered ()

Static Private Member Functions

static void notifyAccountAdded (Account account)
static void notifyAccountRegistered (Account account)
static void notifyAccountRemoved (Account account)
static void notifyAccountUnregistered (Account account)

Private Attributes

bool IsClosing
Buddy Myself
QCA::Initializer * QcaInit
bool ShowMainWindowOnStart

Static Private Attributes

static CoreInstance = 0
static QList
< AccountsAwareObject * > 

Detailed Description

Definition at line 50 of file core.h.

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