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HistoryWindow Class Reference

#include <history-window.h>

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Public Slots

void addBottomToolbar ()
void addLeftToolbar ()
void addRightToolbar ()
void addTopToolbar ()

Public Member Functions

void actionAdded (Action *action)
virtual BuddySet buddies ()
virtual BuddiesListViewbuddiesListView ()
Buddy buddy ()
virtual Chat chat ()
virtual ChatWidgetchatWidget ()
Contact contact ()
virtual ContactSet contacts ()
virtual ChatMessagesViewcontentBrowser ()
virtual QMenu * createPopupMenu ()
virtual QTreeView * detailsListView ()
bool hasAction (const QString &actionName, ToolBar *exclude=0)
virtual bool hasContactSelected ()
virtual StatusContainerstatusContainer ()
virtual bool supportsActionType (ActionDescription::ActionType type)
const QString & windowName ()

Static Public Member Functions

static MainWindowfindMainWindow (QWidget *widget)
static void show (const Chat &chat)

Protected Slots

void refreshToolBars ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void contextMenuEvent (QContextMenuEvent *event)
QDomElement getDockAreaConfigElement (Qt::ToolBarArea area)
virtual void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *e)
bool loadOldToolBarsFromConfig (const QString &configName, Qt::ToolBarArea area)
void loadToolBarsFromConfig ()
void loadToolBarsFromConfig (Qt::ToolBarArea area)
void setTransparency (bool enable)
void writeToolBarsToConfig ()
void writeToolBarsToConfig (Qt::ToolBarArea area)

Static Protected Member Functions

static void addToolButton (QDomElement toolbarConfig, const QString &actionName, Qt::ToolButtonStyle style=Qt::ToolButtonIconOnly)
static QDomElement findExistingToolbar (const QString &prefix)
static QDomElement findExistingToolbarOnArea (const QString &areaName)
static QDomElement getDockAreaConfigElement (QDomElement toolbarsConfig, const QString &name)
static QDomElement getToolbarsConfigElement ()

Private Slots

void clearChatHistory ()
void clearSmsHistory ()
void clearStatusHistory ()
void dateCurrentChanged (const QModelIndex &current, const QModelIndex &previous)
void dateFilteringEnabled (int state)
void filterLineChanged (const QString &filterText)
void fromDateChanged (const QDate &date)
void openChat ()
void removeHistoryEntriesPerDate ()
void searchTextChanged (const QString &searchText)
void selectQueryText ()
void showDetailsPopupMenu (const QPoint &pos)
void showMainPopupMenu (const QPoint &pos)
void toDateChanged (const QDate &date)
void treeCurrentChanged (const QModelIndex &current, const QModelIndex &previous)

Private Member Functions

void chatActivated (const Chat &chat)
void connectGui ()
void createChatTree (QWidget *parent)
void createFilterBar (QWidget *parent)
void createGui ()
 HistoryWindow (QWidget *parent=0)
void selectChat (const Chat &chat)
void selectHistoryItem (const HistoryTreeItem &item)
void selectSmsRecipient (const QString &recipient)
void selectStatusBuddy (const Buddy &buddy)
void smsRecipientActivated (const QString &recipient)
void statusBuddyActivated (const Buddy &buddy)
QList< MessagestatusesToMessages (const QList< TimedStatus > &statuses)
void treeItemActivated (const HistoryTreeItem &item)
void updateData ()

Private Attributes

QTreeView * ChatsTree
QTreeView * DetailsListView
QMenu * DetailsPopupMenu
QDateEdit * FromDate
QLabel * FromDateLabel
QLineEdit * quickSearchPhraseEdit
HistorySearchParameters Search
QDateEdit * ToDate
QLabel * ToDateLabel

Static Private Attributes

static HistoryWindowInstance = 0


class History

Detailed Description

Juzef, Vogel

Definition at line 53 of file history-window.h.

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