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KaduWindow Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  MenuType { MenuKadu, MenuContacts, MenuTools, MenuHelp }

Public Slots

void addBottomToolbar ()
void addLeftToolbar ()
void addRightToolbar ()
void addTopToolbar ()


void keyPressed (QKeyEvent *e)
void parentChanged (QWidget *oldParent)

Public Member Functions

void actionAdded (Action *action)
ActionDataSourceactionSource ()
virtual BuddiesListViewbuddiesListView ()
Buddy buddy ()
Contact contact ()
virtual QMenu * createPopupMenu ()
bool docked ()
bool hasAction (const QString &actionName, ToolBar *exclude=0)
BuddyInfoPanelinfoPanel ()
void insertMenuActionDescription (ActionDescription *actionDescription, MenuType Type, int pos=-1)
 KaduWindow (QWidget *parent=0)
void removeMenuActionDescription (ActionDescription *actionDescription)
void setDocked (bool)
const QString & windowName ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void createDefaultToolbars (QDomElement parentConfig)
static MainWindowfindMainWindow (QWidget *widget)

Protected Slots

void refreshToolBars ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual BuddySet buddies ()
virtual void changeEvent (QEvent *event)
virtual Chat chat ()
virtual void closeEvent (QCloseEvent *)
virtual void configurationUpdated ()
virtual ContactSet contacts ()
virtual void contextMenuEvent (QContextMenuEvent *event)
QDomElement getDockAreaConfigElement (Qt::ToolBarArea area)
virtual bool hasContactSelected ()
virtual void keyPressEvent (QKeyEvent *)
bool loadOldToolBarsFromConfig (const QString &configName, Qt::ToolBarArea area)
void loadToolBarsFromConfig (Qt::ToolBarArea area)
void loadToolBarsFromConfig ()
void setTransparency (bool enable)
virtual StatusContainerstatusContainer ()
virtual bool supportsActionType (ActionDescription::ActionType type)
void writeToolBarsToConfig (Qt::ToolBarArea area)
void writeToolBarsToConfig ()

Static Protected Member Functions

static void addToolButton (QDomElement toolbarConfig, const QString &actionName, Qt::ToolButtonStyle style=Qt::ToolButtonIconOnly)
static QDomElement findExistingToolbar (const QString &prefix)
static QDomElement findExistingToolbarOnArea (const QString &areaName)
static QDomElement getDockAreaConfigElement (QDomElement toolbarsConfig, const QString &name)
static QDomElement getToolbarsConfigElement ()

Private Types

typedef QPair< Action *, MenuType > MenuAction

Private Slots

void buddyActivated (const Buddy &buddy)
void iconThemeChanged ()
void invalidateRecentChatsMenu ()
void openChatWindow (Chat chat)
void openRecentChats (QAction *action)
void updateRecentChatsMenu ()

Private Member Functions

virtual void compositingDisabled ()
virtual void compositingEnabled ()
void createContactsMenu ()
void createGui ()
void createHelpMenu ()
void createKaduMenu ()
void createMenu ()
void createToolsMenu ()
void storeConfiguration ()
void triggerCompositingStateChanged ()

Static Private Member Functions

static void compositingStateChanged ()
static void notifyAll ()

Private Attributes

bool CompositingEnabled
QMenu * ContactsMenu
bool Docked
QMenu * HelpMenu
QMenu * KaduMenu
QPoint LastPositionBeforeStatusMenuHide
QVBoxLayout * MainLayout
QWidget * MainWidget
QMap< ActionDescription
*, MenuAction > 
QMenu * RecentChatsMenu
QAction * RecentChatsMenuAction
bool RecentChatsMenuNeedsUpdate
QSplitter * Split
QMenu * StatusButtonMenu
QMenu * ToolsMenu
QWidget * WindowParent

Static Private Attributes

static QList
< ConfigurationAwareObject * > 
static QList
< CompositingAwareObject * > 

Detailed Description

Definition at line 55 of file kadu-window.h.

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