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NotificationManager Class Reference

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void notiferRegistered (Notifier *notifier)
void notiferUnregistered (Notifier *notifier)
void notifyEventRegistered (NotifyEvent *notifyEvent)
void notifyEventUnregistered (NotifyEvent *notifyEvent)
void silentModeToggled (bool)

Public Member Functions

ConfigurationUiHandlerconfigurationUiHandler ()
const QList< Notifier * > & notifiers () const
void notify (Notification *notification)
bool notifyAboutAll ()
QString notifyConfigurationKey (const QString &eventType)
const QList< NotifyEvent * > & notifyEvents () const
void registerNotifier (Notifier *notifier)
void registerNotifyEvent (NotifyEvent *notifyEvent)
void setSilentMode (bool silentMode)
bool silentMode ()
ActionDescriptionsilentModeActionDescription ()
void unregisterNotifier (Notifier *notifier)
void unregisterNotifyEvent (NotifyEvent *notifyEvent)

Static Public Member Functions

static NotificationManagerinstance ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual void accountRegistered (Account account)
virtual void accountUnregistered (Account account)
virtual void configurationUpdated ()

Private Slots

void accountConnected ()
void checkFullScreen ()
void contactStatusChanged (Contact contact, Status oldStatus)
void groupAdded (const Group &group)
void groupUpdated ()
bool isScreenSaverRunning ()
void messageReceived (const Message &message)
void multilogonSessionConnected (MultilogonSession *session)
void multilogonSessionDisconnected (MultilogonSession *session)
void notifyAboutUserActionActivated (QAction *sender, bool toggled)
void silentModeActionActivated (QAction *sender, bool toggled)
void silentModeActionCreated (Action *action)
void statusUpdated ()

Private Member Functions

virtual void accountAdded (Account account)
virtual void accountRemoved (Account account)
void createDefaultConfiguration ()
bool ignoreNotifications ()
void init ()
void triggerAllAccountsAdded ()
void triggerAllAccountsRegistered ()
void triggerAllAccountsRemoved ()
void triggerAllAccountsUnregistered ()

Static Private Member Functions

static void notifyAccountAdded (Account account)
static void notifyAccountRegistered (Account account)
static void notifyAccountRemoved (Account account)
static void notifyAccountUnregistered (Account account)
static void notifyAll ()

Private Attributes

bool AutoSilentMode
QTimer FullScreenCheckTimer
bool IgnoreOnlineToOnline
bool IsFullScreen
bool NewMessageOnlyIfInactive
QList< Notifier * > Notifiers
bool NotifyAboutAll
QList< NotifyEvent * > NotifyEvents
bool NotifyIgnoreOnConnection
bool SilentMode
bool SilentModeWhenDnD
bool SilentModeWhenFullscreen

Static Private Attributes

static NotificationManagerInstance = 0
static QList
< ConfigurationAwareObject * > 
static QList
< AccountsAwareObject * > 

Detailed Description

Definition at line 55 of file notification-manager.h.

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