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TabsManager Class Reference

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Public Slots

void attachToTabsActionCreated (Action *action)
void closeChat ()
void onDestroyingChat (ChatWidget *chat)
void onIconChanged ()
void onNewChat (ChatWidget *chat, bool &handled)
void onNewTab (QAction *sender, bool toggled)
void onOpenChat (ChatWidget *chat, bool activate)
void onTabAttach (QAction *sender, bool toggled)
void onTabChange (int index)
void onTitleChanged (ChatWidget *chatChanged, const QString &newTitle)
void openTabWith (QStringList altnicks, int index)


void chatWidgetActivated (ChatWidget *)

Public Member Functions

bool detachChat (ChatWidget *chat)
virtual void mainConfigurationWindowCreated (MainConfigurationWindow *mainConfigurationWindow)
virtual QString storageNodeName ()
 Returns node name of XML storage of this object.
virtual StorableObjectstorageParent ()
 Returns object that holds parent storage point for this object.
virtual void store ()
 Stores object data in XML node.
 TabsManager (QObject *parent=0)

Protected Member Functions

virtual void configurationUpdated ()
virtual void load ()
 Loads data from storage point. Sets state to StateLoaded.

Private Types

enum  StorableObjectState { StateNew, StateNotLoaded, StateLoaded }

Private Slots

void onContextMenu (QWidget *w, const QPoint &pos)
void onMenuActionClose ()
void onMenuActionCloseAll ()
void onMenuActionDetach ()
void onMenuActionDetachAll ()
void onMessageReceived (Chat chat)
void onTimer ()

Private Member Functions

void createDefaultConfiguration ()
virtual QSharedPointer
< StoragePoint
createStoragePoint ()
 Creates default storage point for object.
void ensureLoaded ()
 Ensures that this object data has been loaded.
void ensureStored ()
 Stores or removes data from storage, depends on shouldStore result.
QString formatTabName (ChatWidget *chatWidget)
bool hasValue (const QString &name) const
 Check if value is available in XML node (as subnode).
void insertTab (ChatWidget *chat)
bool isValidStorage ()
 Returns true if storage point is valid.
template<class T >
loadAttribute (const QString &name) const
 Loads value from XML node (as an attribute).
template<class T >
loadAttribute (const QString &name, T def) const
 Loads value from XML node (as an attribute).
virtual void loaded ()
template<class T >
loadValue (const QString &name) const
 Loads value from XML node (as subnode).
template<class T >
loadValue (const QString &name, T def) const
 Loads value from XML node (as subnode).
void makePopupMenu ()
template<class T >
T * moduleData (const QString &module, bool create=false)
 Returns non-storable module data for object.
template<class T >
T * moduleStorableData (const QString &module, QObject *qobjectParent, bool create)
 Loads storable ModuleData data from XML node (as subnode).
void removeAttribute (const QString &name)
 Removes value (an attribute) from XML node.
void removeFromStorage ()
 Removed object from storage.
void removeModuleData (const QString &module)
 Removes non-storable module data from object.
void removeValue (const QString &name)
 Removes value (a subnode) from XML node.
void setState (StorableObjectState state)
 Sets new state of object.
void setStorage (const QSharedPointer< StoragePoint > &storage)
 Sets arbitrary storage for this object. Sets state to StateNotLoaded.
virtual bool shouldStore ()
 Determines if object is worth to be stored.
StorableObjectState state ()
 Returns current object state.
const QSharedPointer
< StoragePoint > & 
storage ()
 Returns storage point for this object.
QSharedPointer< StoragePointstoragePointForModuleData (const QString &module, bool create=false)
 Creates storage point object for given module data.
void storeAttribute (const QString &name, const QVariant value)
 Stores value into XML node (as an attribute).
void storeValue (const QString &name, const QVariant value)
 Stores value into XML node (as a subnode).

Static Private Member Functions

static void notifyAll ()

Private Attributes

QList< ChatWidget * > ChatsWithNewMessages
QAction * CloseTabMenuAction
bool ConfigBlinkChatTitle
bool ConfigConferencesInTabs
bool ConfigDefaultTabs
int ConfigMinTabs
bool ConfigShowNewMessagesNum
bool ConfigTabsBelowChats
QList< ChatWidget * > DetachedChats
QAction * DetachTabMenuAction
bool ForceTabs
QMenu * Menu
QList< ChatWidget * > NewChats
bool NoTabs
int TargetTabs
QTimer Timer

Static Private Attributes

static QList
< ConfigurationAwareObject * > 

Detailed Description

Definition at line 50 of file tabs.h.

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