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XMPP::JabberClient Class Reference

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Public Types

enum  ErrorCode {
  Ok, InvalidPassword, AlreadyConnected, NoTLS,
  InvalidPasswordForMUC = 401, MaxUsersReachedForThisMuc = 503


void connected ()
void connectionError (const QString &message)
void contactDeleted (const XMPP::RosterItem &item)
void contactUpdated (const XMPP::RosterItem &item)
void csAuthenticated ()
void csDisconnected ()
void csError (int error)
void debugMessage (const QString &message)
void error (XMPP::JabberClient::ErrorCode code)
void groupChatError (const XMPP::Jid &jid, int error, const QString &reason)
void groupChatJoined (const XMPP::Jid &jid)
void groupChatLeft (const XMPP::Jid &jid)
void groupChatPresence (const XMPP::Jid &jid, const XMPP::Status &status)
void incomingXML (const QString &msg)
void invalidPassword ()
void messageAboutToSend (XMPP::Message &message)
void messageReceived (const XMPP::Message &message)
void newContact (const XMPP::RosterItem &item)
void outgoingXML (const QString &msg)
void publishError (const QString &, const XMPP::PubSubItem &)
void publishSuccess (const QString &, const XMPP::PubSubItem &)
void resourceAvailable (const XMPP::Jid &jid, const XMPP::Resource &resource)
void resourceUnavailable (const XMPP::Jid &jid, const XMPP::Resource &resource)
void rosterRequestFinished (bool success)
void subscription (const XMPP::Jid &jid, const QString &type, const QString &nick)

Public Member Functions

void addContact (const XMPP::Jid &j, const QString &name, const QStringList &groups)
XMPP::ClientStream::AllowPlainType allowPlainTextPassword () const
QString capsExt () const
const QString & capsNode () const
const QString & capsVersion () const
void changeGroupChatNick (const QString &host, const QString &room, const QString &nick, const XMPP::Status &status=XMPP::Status())
void changeSubscription (const XMPP::Jid &jid, const QString &type)
XMPP::Clientclient () const
XMPP::AdvancedConnectorclientConnector () const
const QString & clientName () const
XMPP::ClientStreamclientStream () const
const QString & clientVersion () const
void connect (const XMPP::Jid &jid, const QString &password, bool auth=true)
const DiscoItem::IdentitydiscoIdentity () const
void disconnect ()
void disconnect (XMPP::Status &reason)
bool forceTLS () const
int getPenaltyTime ()
 Return current penalty time in seconds.
bool ignoreTLSWarnings ()
bool isConnected () const
bool isPEPAvailable ()
 JabberClient (JabberProtocol *protocol, QObject *parent=0)
const XMPP::Jidjid () const
void joinGroupChat (const QString &host, const QString &room, const QString &nick)
void joinGroupChat (const QString &host, const QString &room, const QString &nick, const QString &password)
void leaveGroupChat (const QString &host, const QString &room)
const QString & localAddress () const
const QString & osName () const
bool overrideHost () const
PEPManagerpepManager ()
bool probeSSL () const
void rejectSubscription (const XMPP::Jid &jid)
void removeContact (const XMPP::Jid &j)
void requestRoster ()
void requestSubscription (const XMPP::Jid &jid)
void resendSubscription (const XMPP::Jid &jid)
XMPP::TaskrootTask () const
void send (const QString &packet)
void sendMessage (const XMPP::Message &message)
void setAllowPlainTextPassword (XMPP::ClientStream::AllowPlainType flag)
void setCapsNode (const QString &capsNode)
void setCapsVersion (const QString &capsVersion)
void setClientName (const QString &clientName)
void setClientVersion (const QString &clientVersion)
void setDiscoIdentity (const DiscoItem::Identity &identity)
void setForceTLS (bool flag)
void setGroupChatStatus (const QString &host, const QString &room, const XMPP::Status &)
void setIgnoreTLSWarnings (bool flag)
void setOSName (const QString &osName)
void setOverrideHost (bool flag, const QString &server=QString(), int port=5222)
void setPresence (const XMPP::Status &status)
void setProbeSSL (bool flag)
void setTimeZone (const QString &timeZoneName, int timeZoneOffset)
void setUseSSL (bool flag)
void setUseXMPP09 (bool flag)
const QString & timeZoneName () const
int timeZoneOffset () const
void updateContact (const XMPP::Jid &j, const QString &name, const QStringList &groups)
bool useSSL () const
bool useXMPP09 () const

Static Public Member Functions

static void getErrorInfo (int err, AdvancedConnector *conn, Stream *stream, QCATLSHandler *tlsHandler, QString *_str, bool *_reconn)

Private Slots

void serverFeaturesChanged ()
void sessionStart_finished ()
void slotContactDeleted (const RosterItem &)
void slotContactUpdated (const RosterItem &)
void slotCSAuthenticated ()
void slotCSDisconnected ()
void slotCSError (int)
void slotCSNeedAuthParams (bool user, bool pass, bool realm)
void slotCSWarning (int)
void slotGroupChatError (const Jid &jid, int error, const QString &reason)
void slotGroupChatJoined (const Jid &jid)
void slotGroupChatLeft (const Jid &jid)
void slotGroupChatPresence (const Jid &jid, const Status &status)
void slotIncomingXML (const QString &msg)
void slotNewContact (const RosterItem &)
void slotOutgoingXML (const QString &msg)
void slotPsiDebug (const QString &msg)
void slotReceivedMessage (const Message &)
void slotResourceAvailable (const Jid &, const Resource &)
void slotResourceUnavailable (const Jid &, const Resource &)
void slotRosterRequestFinished (bool success, int statusCode, const QString &statusString)
void slotSubscription (const Jid &jid, const QString &type, const QString &nick)
void slotTLSHandshaken ()
void slotUpdatePenaltyTime ()

Private Member Functions

QString calculateCapsVersion (const DiscoItem::Identity &identity, const QStringList &features)
void cleanUp ()
void setPEPAvailable (bool b)

Private Attributes

QStringList AddedContacts
XMPP::ClientStream::AllowPlainType AllowPlainTextPassword
QString CapsNode
QString CapsVersion
QString ClientName
QString ClientVersion
int CurrentPenaltyTime
DiscoItem::Identity DiscoIdentity
bool ForceTLS
bool IgnoreTLSWarnings
QCA::TLS * JabberTLS
QString LocalAddress
XMPP::Jid MyJid
QString OsName
bool OverrideHost
QString Password
bool PepAvailable
int Port
bool ProbeSSL
QString Server
QString TimeZoneName
int TimeZoneOffset
bool UseSSL
bool UseXMPP09

Detailed Description

Definition at line 70 of file jabber-client.h.

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