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XMPP::S5BConnection Class Reference

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class  Private

Public Types

enum  Error { ErrRefused, ErrConnect, ErrProxy, ErrSocket }
enum  Mode { Stream, Datagram }
enum  State {
  Idle, Requesting, Connecting, WaitingForAccept,


void accepted ()
void bytesWritten (int)
void connected ()
void connectionClosed ()
void datagramReady ()
void delayedCloseFinished ()
void error (int)
void proxyConnect ()
void proxyQuery ()
void proxyResult (bool b)
void readyRead ()
void requesting ()
void tryingHosts (const StreamHostList &hosts)
void waitingForActivation ()

Public Member Functions

void accept ()
int bytesAvailable () const
int bytesToWrite () const
void close ()
void connectToJid (const Jid &peer, const QString &sid)
void connectToJid (const Jid &peer, const QString &sid, Mode m=Stream)
int datagramsAvailable () const
bool isOpen () const
bool isRemote () const
BytestreamManagermanager () const
Mode mode () const
Jid peer () const
Jid proxy () const
QByteArray read (int bytes=0)
S5BDatagram readDatagram ()
void setProxy (const Jid &proxy)
QString sid () const
int state () const
void write (const QByteArray &)
void writeDatagram (const S5BDatagram &)

Static Public Member Functions

static void appendArray (QByteArray *a, const QByteArray &b)
static QByteArray takeArray (QByteArray *from, int size=0, bool del=true)

Protected Member Functions

void appendRead (const QByteArray &)
void appendWrite (const QByteArray &)
void clearReadBuffer ()
void clearWriteBuffer ()
QByteArray & readBuf ()
QByteArray takeRead (int size=0, bool del=true)
QByteArray takeWrite (int size=0, bool del=true)
virtual int tryWrite ()
QByteArray & writeBuf ()

Private Slots

void doPending ()
void sc_bytesWritten (int)
void sc_connectionClosed ()
void sc_delayedCloseFinished ()
void sc_error (int)
void sc_readyRead ()
void su_packetReady (const QByteArray &buf)

Private Member Functions

void handleUDP (const QByteArray &buf)
void man_clientReady (SocksClient *, SocksUDP *)
void man_failed (int)
void man_udpReady (const QByteArray &buf)
void man_waitForAccept (const S5BRequest &r)
void reset (bool clear=false)
 S5BConnection (S5BManager *, QObject *parent=0)
void sendUDP (const QByteArray &buf)

Private Attributes



class S5BManager

Detailed Description

Definition at line 63 of file s5b.h.

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